Spiritual practice as a reflection towards attitude in life

2009年7月30日 星期四 下午3:11 评论关闭

If our attitude toward everything in life is flippant and easy, then it will definitely be the same in our spiritual practice. We should not do that with our spiritual practice because that is the most important practice that we can do for ourselves.

If our Guru gives us something that is not complicated or difficult and we still cannot do it, we still find it difficult, we still find so many reasons not to do it, that itself is an obstacle arising. If we cannot even recite a few words, then we should not even think about meditation, contemplation or higher practices that bring bigger results.

A person who acknowledges a practice from a Guru, says “yes” and does not do it, definitely cannot advance spiritually; he will also not be able to advance in material, worldly, normal daily situations. It is like not caring about losing $100 – if you just stuff the pile of money in your pocket and it falls out while you run around, then why would you worry about losing one or two dollars?

In the same way, we have our Guru and spiritual commitment. However, when our Guru gives us something and we do not care, or it is according to our mood or how we feel; it is according to our lack of priorities and we throw those practices aside; we promise, we do, we do not do, then everything else in our life will be exactly the same and our projects or endeavours will not reach fruition and completion. If we promise our Guru something and we do not do it, that will also be how we treat everything in life. We can check someone’s conviction in his life, in himself and in other things by his spiritual practice. When you give someone a practice, you can see their personality very clearly.

If we are like this and we look carefully at what we are focused on in our lives, we will see that our minds are not on big, important things. Instead, we spend a lot of time explaining ourselves and focusing on very small things. We cannot do bigger things because we do not focus and we do not push ourselves.

Tsem Rinpoche