Prayer is to become divine

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Some religions concentrate on the tradition of making images, thangkas, paintings, statues and representations of the enlightened Beings. These practices date back thousands of years and give a lot of people courage and inspiration. Some faiths do not accept any type of holy images. Both are valid because each accommodates the needs of different people.

Some people prefer to concentrate on something very powerful and abstract, and they have the ability to do that. Some people would prefer to concentrate on something powerful and non-abstract, something tangible. The bottom line is to hook up to and make a connection to something that is above the ordinary, beyond us, divine. It is us trying to hook up with the Divine and trying to get some of that Divinity within us.

Whether you pray to an intangible, all-powerful force or you pray to or solicit something that is tangible, that has a structured form and symbols, the purpose of both is to become divine and to become closer to Divinity.

Prayer, actually, is to become divine.

So if we sit and fold our hands, and we pray to an all-powerful Being, the point of the prayer is to become divine. Becoming divine is not about being able to manifest food where there is no food and raising the dead. It is about the Divinity of human qualities that improve with time.

We should look at and examine ourselves: if we have been praying, making offerings and reciting mantras but we do not see anything divine happening in us, we might question if the Divine really exists, if there is Divinity in us to be tapped, or if we are doing something wrong. Or is it that there is Divinity to be tapped and something divine to propitiate, but we are not running the extra mile to achieve it?

Tsem Tulku