Practise What Your Guru Tells You – Part 2

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Atisha gave massive teachings, massive oral transmission to all his students. Dromtonpa sat in front together with everybody else. Atisha gave many, many teachings to Dromtonpa. There was also another student who was a cook and the cook…you can read this in Atisha’s biography…the cook was uneducated and illiterate and his job was to serve and create merit by taking care of Atisha. So what did he do? Early in the morning, 3 or 4 am, he would walk down to the river, to the forest to gather water and to gather wood. Then he would bring it back and make a fire. Using that fire, he would cook, he would cook and he would clean and prepare the food outdoors because they did not have an indoor kitchen. And then by the time Lord Atisha woke up in the morning, did his prostrations, did his practice, the cook would have the food ready for him. The cook offered the food to Atisha and whoever was his sponsor at that time.

After the food was served and eaten, the cook had to drag everything down to the river, which was a few kilometers away, to wash, clean the pots and pans and prepare to make lunch. The cook also had to gather wood and if it rained or it was snowing, it was a tremendous effort for him. But he never complained or never made a fuss. He never said, “Oh! You know Atisha, I want to do meditation. I want to do practice. I want to be like the other students and I want to do this and this and this and this and I am just cooking and I don’t feel that it’s Dharma work. He never said that. He served his Dharma Lord. He served his Lord like he was a living Buddha and therefore, from his heart he never complained or thought he had too much work. He never said it was difficult to go to the forest. He never complained it was difficult to go to the river. Never and he never complained that he missed out on the teachings because he felt if no one took care of Atisha, there would be no teachers. None.

Tsem Tulku