Practise What Your Guru Tells You – Part 1

2009年9月19日 星期六 上午1:02 评论关闭

Are you compassionate or are you not compassionate? Do you want Dharma to grow or do you not want Dharma to grow? Every single Dharma teaching you have, every Dharma center you have gone to, every Dharma teacher that you have invited to your centre was a result of dedicated people who took a commitment and went there and did the extra work and gave the donations. And then a few people walk in carelessly and like Cinderella at the ball, just show up and say, “Oh! I am here for Dharma.”

False! False! And all the more so in a pioneer country like Malaysia, we have to work twice or three times as hard. We have to forgo all, any type of self-gratification or thinking about oneself and only then is it Dharma. If you died doing Dharma work, to spread Dharma, that is more virtuous than you dying during a Dharma retreat. Why?

If you have special instructions from your Guru to go to a retreat and you don’t but you do Dharma work instead, you won’t gain attainments because you have disobeyed your Guru. Otherwise if you die doing Dharma work, you will gain attainments. This is exemplified by Lord Atisha’s student, the cook and Dromtonpa. Dromtonpa was one of the previous incarnations of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and he was a lay disciple. The birth of Dromtonpa, the Dalai Lama’s spiritual son was predicted by Tara. Tara appeared to Atisha in Tibet and said, “Prepare, your spiritual heir and spiritual son who will come to you.

Your hard work in Tibet will spread because of this student. So your student is coming tomorrow. Be prepared.” Why was Tara’s message so important? Because Atisha’s student was very special, had high qualities and was ready to surrender. Any teachings that Atisha gave to Dromtonpa, Dromtonpa practised and he also worked very hard to spread Dharma in Tibet. There are monasteries in Tibet that are still existing today which were created by Dromtonpa. So after Tara gave that message to Atisha he washed, did his prayers and prepared himself for the meeting. When Dromtonpa was already in the distance coming to his tent, Atisha came out and received him, “My spiritual son!” He was already waiting for him.

Tsem Tulku