Penetrative, Powerful Speech Which Changes People’s Lives

2009年7月30日 星期四 下午5:15 评论关闭

Being a good speaker is not enough. Being a truly good speaker is to have a type of speech that has the power of truth and altruism. This arises from lifetimes of practices so that when this person speaks, he will profoundly move another person, sometimes to tears.

That type of speech does not come from practice, from a book or from learning. That type of speech comes from lifetime after lifetime after lifetime of telling the truth and using speech to benefit others and for positive reasons. This speech is developed when we consciously don’t use our speech to get money, sex, rock and roll, drugs, fun and increase our attachments.

Instead, this speech is used to increase people’s happiness, develop others’ mind, increase peace, love and altruism; it is used to destroy delusions and to destroy the very causes that make themselves and other people unhappy.

It is through speech that we can create wars. It is through speech, we can create peace. People who have excellent motivation, but speak badly or wrongly, can create wars. On the other hand, people who have very evil motivations can also still make things move if they are very good in their speech.

Think of a person with good motivation and good intentions, who speaks to benefit others. He uses his speech, tongue, teeth, mouth and vocal chords all for changing people’s lives from self-ingratiating activities that bring harm and unhappiness to themselves and the ones they love to creating benefit for themselves and others.

Imagine a person who uses their speech like this, lifetime after lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime. This type of person will eventually have Buddha speech.

The scriptures explain what it means when someone has Buddha speech: although they may only be speaking about one subject; even if they only utter one word, it will penetrate your mind and touch you, whatever your level of intelligence. Even if people understand the words differently, it will affect them deeply and changes their lives. That is the power of speech of an enlightened Being or a Buddha.

When they speak, it isn’t just nice words to pick up a pretty girl; it isn’t sweet words to secure a good deal on a house or a product, or for bargaining at the market. It is a type of speech that benefits and changes people’s lives because it arises from altruism.

Tsem Tulku