Part 3 – Importance to Go for Dharma Teachings

2010年4月8日 星期四 下午1:05 评论关闭

So when we go to the temple, when we go to the main monastery, Sharpa Choje sits on a huge throne. Lati Rinpoche is also on a throne like that. Huge. Sharpa Choje wears the Pandit’s hat and Lati Rinpoche wears a normal hat because he is in the presence of the Sharpa Choje who is above him on the hierarchy. Actually, it’s not necessary for Sharpa Choje to attend Lati Rinpoche’s talks because he is above Lati Rinpoche on the hierarchy

When Lati Rinpoche gives these teachings, Sharpa Choje is a Geshe Lharam. He is a disciplinarian. A lead Umze and an abbot, an ex-abbot of Gyutö and on top of that, he has ascended the throne of Gaden throne of Sharpa Choje. Lord of the East and he is going to be Gaden Tri Rinpoche. He told us, "I forgot some things and I want to go and learn (from Lati Rinpoche)" and I was like (gasp). I heard that with my own ears because I went for teachings with him and I asked, "Are you attending teachings?" He says, "Oh of course."

He says it is a must to attend Dharma talks so I asked why. He told me that I must plant imprints in my mind for the future. I must plant imprints… I realised what he meant. Imprints – how important they are. Being a great teacher, he still attends Dharma teachings. Still attends Dharma activities. Still does all the Dharma work and he is the Lord of the East… I am Lord of the Cockroaches and I didn’t want to go! But from that day on, my mind changed. No joke. You know what happened? I will tell you why I changed. I realised that when we understand the Dharma enough, we can gain enthusiasm. We can cut away laziness. We can gain enthusiasm that grows and grows and grows, and this enthusiasm infects everybody around us. Inspires everybody around us and it blesses people around us. Why? It’s very nice to see everybody attending Dharma or doing Dharma or being together. That’s why it is always important to attend Dharma talks and perform Dharma activities.

Tsem Tulku