Part 1 – Importance to Go for Dharma Teachings

2010年3月24日 星期三 下午7:09 评论关闭

Choje means Dharma Lord. Sharpa Choje means Dharma Lord of the East. Jang or se means north. Shar or Sharpa is a person or east. In the entire eastern direction there is no one who has greater knowledge than him, Sharpa Choje. There is no one greater in the northern region than Jangse Choje and then in the centre, encompassing everyone, is Gaden Tri Rinpoche. Incredible! Gaden Tri Rinpoche’s office is very powerful and very great. All the Gelugpa monasteries, Gaden, Sera, Drepung; every single Gelugpa monastery is under his direct instruction and blessings.

Every new year, Gaden Tri Rinpoche will give teachings. You see, with Gaden Tri Rinpoche, you don’t go, "Oh let me check if he can be my guru or not." When he gives teachings, you go there and he is your guru because he represents Lama Tsongkhapa. Knowledge-wise there is no one greater than Gaden Tri Rinpoche. So just below that position is Sharpa Choje, the Lord of the East. I remember, our Sharpa Choje from Gaden Shartse who has passed away. His emanation came back, when we went to Gaden. When we made offerings in the prayer hall, on the left below Zong Rinpoche was a small little Rinpoche on the throne. That was him. This great lama, from whom, in his previous life, I received teachings from. I used to go wash him. I used to go cut his nails. I used to cut his fingernails, toenails. I used to file his feet. I used to perfume him with Dettol. Wash his clothes. It was a great honour to do that because I know it will advance me in my practice.

Tsem Tulku