Looking at where we will be with self-cherishing mind as our friend

2009年7月30日 星期四 下午5:23 评论关闭

We want to be skinny, but we don’t control eating.

We want affection but we push away those that shower us with it.

We want to be free of debts but we recklessly spend.

We want love but we don’t want to accommodate and change.

We want face but we don’t act in ways that invite it.

We want people to help but do we really help.

We want respect but we run away when it gets tough.

We want blessings but without any commitments.

We want freedom from problems but we run from remedies.

We are frustrated, we don’t know much but we don’t want to study.

We want good body but we don’t want exercise and diet.

We want clairvoyance but we don’t engage in retreats.

We want understanding but we create confusion with our non commitment.

We want clarity of our intentions but without effort.

We want not to be misunderstood, but our words are elusive.

We want our Guru’s blessing and affection but without devotion.

We want constant support but we don’t make time for others.

We don’t want conflict, but we break our word of honor.

We want smiles, nice words, acceptance but we are hard and unforgiving.

We pray to the Buddhas but our prayer doesn’t bear fruit.

We from the depths trust in our  Dharma protectors but ignore to trust in practice of 6 paramitas.

We hate problems but we ignore the real cause of it.

We are lonely and lost because renunciation is just a big word.

Tara, Vajrayogini and our Dharma protector are as good as dead because we throw our vows to the wind.

We ‘practice’ mantras and sadhanas and elucidate Dharma with zero results but wonder why when we have emotionally murdered our Gurus.

We read and have knowledge but cannot put into practice because effort is not in our vocabulary.

Finally after a lifetime of eating, fun, entertainment and defecating,

in fear we see spirits with bloodshot eyes and bloody gaping mouths

awaiting to escort us…why??

Because self-cherishing mind was our friend, companion, lover, mentor, Guru and our real Yidam

Tsem Tulku