Listening to the Dharma but nothing goes in. Why is this happening? – Part 2

2009年8月26日 星期三 上午11:41 评论关闭

When we listen to the holy Dharma, we should listen with the attitude of ‘Free from the three containers’.

One that complains a lot, incessantly about everybody around them, is like a container that is upside down. One who does Dharma practice but gets very few results, could be a container that is contaminated. And one who doesn’t know what to do, who recites “I don’t know,  I don’t know” as their favourite mantra must be a container with a lot of holes. So we must listen to the holy Dharma free of those three types of fault containers. It is very, very important to listen this way.

When we are like a container that is filled with holes, contaminated, or downward facing, whatever we do we will not be able to move up in life, or become better or do better. That’s true in normal situations and in spiritual practice . Why? No matter how much wisdom we have, no matter how much understanding we have, no matter how intelligent we are, there is always someone else with more experience, intelligence and knowledge that if we listen to and we try, can be of benefit to.

Therefore, it is very, very important to be listening to Dharma talks free of the three faulty containers as it says in the holy Lamrim teachings. So, listen to the Dharma and ensure that absorb what you hear and you retain the teachings.

Listen to the Dharma with a good motivation. Do not think, “Okay, if I learn how to do Dharma, how will I get rich? How will I get a relationship? How will I get business success? You see, what I want to tell you is, through Dharma you can achieve all of that but if you’re focused to achieve that alone, then you’re using something very noble for something unimportant.

Tsem Tulku