Listening to the Dharma but nothing goes in. Why is this happening? – Part 1

2009年8月26日 星期三 上午11:34 评论关闭

When we listen to the holy Dharma, we should listen with the attitude of ‘Free from the three containers’.

The first container is like a container with holes. This means that whatever you put inside, it comes right out. So this is similar to people who cannot remember the Dharma and do not put effort towards the Dharma, even after many, many, many years of listening.

The second one is a container that is unclean, dirty, defiled. So whatever pure substances you put inside the substance cannot nourish or help you because your motivation for the Dharma is wrong, your motivation to practice religion is wrong.

So whether we pray to God, Christ, Krishna, Gurunana, Buddha Shakyamuni, Guru Rinpoche, Lama Tsongkhapa, whatever we pray to won’t make a difference. A person can switch and switch and switch or change and change and change, it won’t make a difference at all. Why? The person praying doesn’t change. So, that is likened to the second container – a contaminated container.

The third is very important, the container that’s upside down. Whatever wonderful things you to want to put into the container, it doesn’t enter and just flows right out. It cannot contain anything. Why? The person is closed. The person’s mind is fixed and the person thinks that they are right, that their way is correct, their way is the only way.

If we complain that people are against us and we have a lot of complaints about why things in our life don’t move and become better, it is a clear sign that we have been attending Dharma talks or receiving advice as a container facing downwards. So, our parents, friends, the Dharma, the Buddha and especially our teachers compassionately give us advice that can help us move on in our lives and we continuously refuse to listen, we are like a container that is upside down.

So what should we do? Maybe we cannot turn around immediately. But if we never make the effort to turn the right way up, then everything will always stay the same.

Tsem Tulku