Listening to audio tapes VERSUS listening to a spiritual teacher

2010年1月12日 星期二 下午9:13 评论关闭

To have a very good spiritual relationship with one’s spiritual teacher on a continuous basis is extremely rare because when we listen to dharma coming directly from the teacher’s mouth we get the oral transmissions, we get the oral blessings that come from our teacher, and from his teacher and from his teacher… all the way back to the source of the teachings, which originally comes from one of the greats of the past – either one of the Yidams (meditational deities whom practitioners concentrate their prayers and practice on) who present visions to the mahasiddhas (Highly realized practitioners who are known to manifest unconventional means/crazy wisdom to inspire and awaken others) and lamas or one of great personalities like Atisha or Lama Tsongkhapa or like Guru Rinpoche or perhaps reaching back to Lord Shakyamuni himself.

So, to receive teachings directly from the lama, you get an oral transmission, which is very different from listening to a tape or reading from a book.

Reading from a book and listening to a tape is wonderful, and in some cases you can gain some kind of understanding and perhaps a number of realizations, but in most cases deep realizations are pretty much impossible without oral transmissions.

The reason we value our teacher, the reason we value the lama or the guru or spiritual mentor or whatever you call it – is because the spiritual teacher or mentor can give us dharma. This dharma can actually, if applied, eradicate a lot of unhappiness and suffering in our life.

Tsem Tulku