Grasping stops people from growing spiritually

2009年7月30日 星期四 下午5:16 评论关闭

It is grasping onto external things for happiness that stops people from growing spiritually. You can do many of the most profound spiritual practices but it will not make an inkling of difference if it is done with grasping in your mind.

The key is not the spiritual practice. The key is knowing that the external spiritual practice helps you realise the real spiritual practice. Spiritual practice is of the spirit. Practice is being accustomed to something that we’re not accustomed to; and once we become accustomed to it, it is our natural state of mind.

You are not forcing yourself “to be” or to go back to something unnatural. You are not forcing yourself to go back to something that is not part of you. When we see a beautiful story on television or in the newspapers, we cry. Even the most selfish people feel slightly touched; even the most miserly businessman will give a donation to someone. This is because their real nature is kindness. Their real nature is not attachment.

It is wrong to force someone back to something unnatural. But in this case, you are directing people or yourself back to who you really are. People make excuses; they say such things as, “Dharma is very hard; it’s very hard to be this way or that way…” We must realise that it is not very hard. It just seems hard because we are not used to it.

Tsem Tulku