Finding Divinity

2009年7月30日 星期四 下午4:28 评论关闭

Whatever society we are in, it is about the same thing: finding the Divinity within us. A lot of us have wasted so much time suppressing that Divinity in our self-inflicted world of pain, loneliness and unhappiness, within the borders and barriers we set up. We are so stuck on just us.

When you self-gratify, you will burden people with your words, explanations and smiling face. You might be able to get by with your smiling face but it is just a façade. It will finish. As time goes by, people will recognise your nature, who you are and how you are. When they recognise who you are and how you are, and you realise that they have recognised that, you will start to suffer.

When you start to suffer, you can do two things: you can climb out of that suffering and do better, or you can go deeper into it and hide, run away from it, escape, not face it and not improve. If you do the latter, it is only a temporary measure and unfortunately, with all the technology of today – e-mail, communication, and telephones – you cannot hide. Now, there are web-cams everywhere, there are nasty people who like to gossip, and who are watching us and reporting on us. Anyway, people are intelligent and educated – they can observe you and surmise what is going on, no matter what your explanations are. There is the ancient proverb of actions speaking louder than words.

Divinity is finding out you have reached this stage of suppressing the Divine and you doing something about it: you go against it and you fight the tide. It is very difficult, it is hard and you want to give up – but it is easier than running. When you run, you only escape from everyone else, but not from yourself. Wherever you go, who you are will manifest. Your reputation will follow, your habits will follow and how you are will follow. There is no way to escape.

It is not about whether you practise Buddhism deeply, and it is not about whether you do meditations and mantras. If you have a sick father and you don’t even go to see him, you are suppressing the Divine. If you don’t serve your sick father in any way, you are suppressing the Divine. In your culture, that may be how you manifest your Divinity; you should use that as a vehicle to manifest the Divine.

What is divine? Something which is divine is all-encompassing. It is harmony. It is making another being feel good. It is us feeling good as a result of making another being feel happy and relieving him of his suffering. It is divine to be alert and awake, and to be alert and awake to people’s needs.

When we give people whatever they need or want, when we do whatever we can do to help and relieve them of their sufferings, and when we are aware, that is divine. The Divine is improvement within ourselves, opening up, developing more awareness and relieving other people of their suffering. And as the years go by, we will see ourselves opening up, not running away, not hiding, not getting deeper into our self-gratifications and having everything else thrown to the wind.

Tsem Tulku