Doing virtuous deeds are hard because we’re not used to it

2009年7月30日 星期四 下午5:18 评论关闭

Doing something virtuous is hard because we are not used to it. It is not because it is not in our nature. If it wasn’t in our nature, then we shouldn’t even begin to talk about Enlightenment and Buddhahood; godliness and going to heaven. All those methods are about helping us to go back to our true nature.

This is what Jesus talked about his whole life.  Just before his crucifixion, he gave a sermon as he was standing in front of the holy temple of Israel. He said, “You have eyes, yet you cannot see. You have ears, yet you cannot hear. The kingdom of heaven is before you.”

There were many people in the audience going, “Where? I don’t see it, My Lord! Where? Where is the kingdom of heaven? Where?” And he said, “It is in front of you. It is right before you: the kingdom of heaven.” He was not talking of a physical, outer place. He was talking about letting go, acceptance and liberation.

All the things that he taught – such as “Loving thy neighbour,” “Not bearing false witness” etc – are not the practice itself; they are the approaches to realise the practice.

Look at real practitioners. I always use this example because we all know about her: Mother Teresa didn’t get stuck on the path or the method, but she achieved it. After all, that was not what Jesus was about. He wasn’t stuck on telling people that they cannot do this or they cannot do that. He was free, open and loved everyone because he had let go and he was liberated. You can feel it in him and from his words. You can even feel his energy through the actors who play him in movies. That is the real Jesus we are trying to achieve.

Tsem Tulku