Dharma Talk: Holy Event

2010年1月11日 星期一 下午5:27 评论关闭

“I will focus, I will concentrate, I will let go of my anger, my hatred, my sleepiness, my laziness, my inability to concentrate, I will let go because those are not the qualities that are part of me. Those are qualities that can be removed from myself.”

We should think very carefully about anger, hatred, fear, ego, sloppiness, laziness, sleepiness – all these qualities are actually obstacles during a dharma talk. If we’re always sleepy and un-alert throughout dharma talks and all events, it means there is something deeper in our minds that has to be removed. If we’re only sleepy during positive events, things that could benefit us on a long term, it means that it’s an obstacle and if we have obstacles to receive dharma or during dharma, it is imperative that we do purification practices for those obstacles will increase in other areas of our lives.

Similarly, the teacher must teach – elucidate the dharma from something that is the correct source, that has a lineage, that is not motivated by fame, praise, money, material gifts, or to get something in return – that is to be free from the eight worldly dharmas. If that is done by student and teacher alike, it is a blessed event. It is holy because it is different from ordinary events that we attend because the information passed and shared leads to permanent happiness and permanent freedom from suffering. So it makes it holy, not suffering is holy – suffering is ordinary.

Our life is filled with suffering whether we know it or not. We either suffer knowing we’re suffering or we suffer not knowing we’re suffering. Therefore, a dharma talk can be a holy event because it is something shared which leads to the eventual eradication, destruction of suffering and to permanent happiness.

Tsem Tulku