Blessings: Changes your direction in life

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A blessing in the highest form is when you come across something you have done in a previous life. For example, you may have prayed to Buddha in a previous life; when someone mentions it to you in this life, you will immediately like it. Even if you don’t like it or want it, Buddha – and the teachings – will come to you, naturally and easily. Even if you dislike it and freak out when someone talks to you about it, it still comes to you. This is a sign that you have had a strong connection from your previous life.

Similarly, a blessing is when you come across a certain situation and the environmental situations triggers your mind to restart what you have done in your previous life. That is called a blessing. Why is it a blessing? “Blessing” is an English word to mean receiving something good and positive, divine providence, experiencing something which is almost miraculous or encountering something that improves your life.

So if you come across something that makes you do something positive and changes the course of your life to the positive, you have received a blessing. You don’t just change, transform and become different in that instant No. But from that point onwards, things become better for you. Then that is a blessing.

A blessing is when something brings positive energy into your life and changes your direction into something positive for you, for your wife, for your husband, for your kids, for your family and for your parents.

Tsem Tulku
- Excerpt from Blessings DVD