Kechara House

Compassion Conquers All on Wesak Day 2008

2009年5月10日 星期天 下午8:11

For members of the Kechara House Working Committee, this year’s Wesak Day will long be remembered for the significance of [...]

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A new throne for a Dharma King

2009年5月10日 星期天 下午7:53

In celebration of the Dharma and as a symbol of Kechara House’s strong reverence for H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche and [...]

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A few more hours of wisdom

2009年5月10日 星期天 下午7:50

Two Fridays ago saw the inaugural session of our newly launched Lamrim class, a structured programme which follows the graded [...]

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Show me the money!

2009年5月10日 星期天 上午8:08

A series of fantastic articles about the benefits of wealth vases in Malaysian Chinese publications (arranged by KMP’s Chinese chief [...]

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Ngesung Kundrol practice

2009年5月10日 星期天 上午7:10

H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche may soon be giving the Ngesung Kundrol practice, particularly to members over 50 years of age.

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A letter from Rinpoche: Introducing…. The Ladybirds! Do see the pics and guess who they are before you continue reading

2009年5月10日 星期天 上午7:06

Kechara House has such a wide variety of people from so many different backgrounds and countries, from all age groups, [...]

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Fundraising flair

2009年5月10日 星期天 上午6:52

The Kechara House Central Fundraising Committee arranged for a booth at the weekly flea market at Amcorp mall on Sunday, [...]

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The highest motivation

2009年5月10日 星期天 上午6:37

As plans are well underway for our retreat centre and every of Kechara’s 11 departments strive towards making it happen, [...]

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The first day of magic: Beginning the Black Manjushri Retreat

2009年5月9日 星期六 下午12:23

The world of Hogwarts magic came alive right here in KL as we started our Black Manjushri retreat yesterday.

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The holiest birthday: Celebrating H.H. 14th Dalai Lama’s birthday in Kechara House

2009年5月9日 星期六 下午12:05

When holy beings choose particular auspicious days to take rebirth into the world, it’s an occasion really worth celebrating.

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A New Associate Liaison and Apprentices at Kechara House!

2009年5月9日 星期六 上午11:39

The Liaison Council is happy to launch this fast track program to develop more young, committed and capable students to [...]

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2009年5月9日 星期六 上午11:21

KH is now offering to conduct pujas on special request.

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Kechara Southern Jewel Chapel’s first service to the public!

2009年5月8日 星期五 下午11:58

Steven and his wife Chew, President of KSJC, Ser Ler, Vicky Tan, Mr Lim, Alan and his wife, June, Yen [...]

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A New Addition to the Family

2009年5月8日 星期五 下午11:37

Kechara House is very pleased to announce that as of July 16, our Dharma brother Lim Tat Ming has joined [...]

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7th Ghost Month Puja

2009年5月8日 星期五 下午10:21

Last Friday and Saturday (Aug 15 and 16) were very busy days for Kechara House. The two-day event comprising a [...]

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When All Religions Get Together

2009年5月8日 星期五 下午9:56

A week ago, Kechara Media & Publications English Chief Editor, Jamie Khoo and supporting friends, Liaisons Susan Lim, Sharon Saw, [...]

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Setrap Goes Chinese

2009年5月8日 星期五 下午9:49

Kechara House is pleased to announce that we will now be holding weekly Setrap pujas in Mandarin for our Chinese-speaking [...]

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Dharma Session 7 September 2008

2009年5月8日 星期五 下午9:42

Lily and Keng Nam are long time students of Rinpoche who are based in the UK. They have regular Dharma [...]

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Share Joy during the 7th Month with a Special Setrap Puja

2009年5月8日 星期五 下午9:37

This August 16, Kechara House will be organising a special Lord Setrap Puja for the Chinese Seventh Month prayers. The [...]

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Celebrating a Buddha’s Birthday

2009年5月8日 星期五 下午9:21

The days that holy beings choose to take rebirth mark especially auspicious occasions to celebrate.

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Be Part of Kechara House’s History

2009年5月8日 星期五 下午9:11

If you have visited our two lovely centres in Sunwaymas Commercial Centre, you will have experienced the very beautiful surroundings [...]

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Tsongkhapa in France

2009年5月8日 星期五 下午9:04

A few months ago, H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche offered a four-foot Tsongkhapa statue to H.H the 101st Gaden Tri Rinpoche [...]

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2009年5月8日 星期五 下午8:45

After about six weeks of great effort and hard work by many dedicated Kechara House members, we have achieved 100,000 [...]

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Dzambala Retreat

2009年5月8日 星期五 下午8:38

A gentle reminder to all that H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche has very kindly approved our request for a Dzambala retreat.

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2009年5月8日 星期五 下午8:24

Members and friends of Kechara House started arriving at the gompa at Kechara House 1 for H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche’s [...]

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Dzambala Retreat

2009年5月8日 星期五 下午8:12

In Tibetan Buddhism, DZAMBALA embodies the Wealth aspect of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of past, present and future; and [...]

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Wealth in the House: Dzambala Retreat Nov 8 & 9

2009年5月8日 星期五 下午12:02

Wealth energy buzzed throughout the weekend at Kechara House as members and friends all gathered for the centre’s first-ever Dzambala [...]

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Special blessed pendants at Grand Setrap Puja in Malaysia, December 6/7 at Chinese Assembly Hall, KL

2009年5月8日 星期五 上午4:12

Get your entrance ticket to the Grand Setrap Puja now – the first 1000 visitors at the Grand Setrap will [...]

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Taking Refuge with H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche on Lama Tsongkhapa Day

2009年5月8日 星期五 上午3:48

Holy Lama Tsongkhapa day will be celebrated on Sunday Dec 21 this year. It will also be the first time [...]

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Get protection and clear problems at the first ever public Grand Setrap Puja in Malaysia, December 6/7 at Chinese Assembly Hall, KL

2009年5月8日 星期五 上午3:45

Dharma Protector Setrap grants powerful protection against harmful negative energies such as black magic and spirit possessions.

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A Sacred Setrap Retreat

2009年5月8日 星期五 上午3:40

10 members of Kechara Southern Jewel Chapel – our sacred Setrap chapel in Patu Bahat, Johor in the south of [...]

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Grand Setrap Puja Press Conference – Nov 25, 2008

2009年5月8日 星期五 上午3:33

Buddha Oasis in KH2 was transformed into a cultural Tibetan haven with prayer flags, door curtains with 8 auspicious signs, [...]

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2009年5月8日 星期五 上午3:16

Our KH Protector has recommended that ALL KH members engage in the recitation of our Lineage Guru, Kyabje Pabongkhapa Rinpoche’s [...]

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See you at the first ever public Grand Setrap Puja in Malaysia, December 6/7 at Chinese Assembly Hall, KL!!

2009年5月8日 星期五 上午3:01

It’s TIME! After months of preparations, we are finally ready to share the benefits of Lord Setrap to the world!

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A Sacred Setrap Retreat

2009年5月8日 星期五 上午2:58

Distance doesn’t dampen the spirits of the Kechara Southern Jewel Chapel members.

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Manjushri Kids at Grand Setrap Puja, 7 December

2009年5月8日 星期五 上午2:55

I am very happy to get the two emails with the pictures of the MKC kids at setrap puja. It [...]

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Lama Tsongkhapa Day

2009年5月8日 星期五 上午2:08

This year’s celebration on Sunday 21st Dec started early at 9.30am.

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Lamrim Recitations Update

2009年5月8日 星期五 上午1:41

At time of publishing this article, 90 Lamrim retreatants have completed recitations of Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand, [...]

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2009年5月8日 星期五 上午1:32


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2009年5月8日 星期五 上午1:29


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Swearing-in ceremony of May Phng

2009年5月8日 星期五 上午1:27

Friday 10th January 2009 was an auspicious beginning for May Phng as she swore her allegiance to Lord Setrap.

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2009年5月2日 星期六 上午9:56


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Bringing Lama Tsongkhapa Home

2009年5月2日 星期六 上午9:44

Early on Sunday 18 January, Lord Tsongkhapa was invited into another home – this time to the Chu family.

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New Associate Liaison May Phng is sworn in

2009年5月2日 星期六 上午9:32

Recently, after joining Tsem Ladrang as the Director of Operations and Head of Fund Raising, May Phng was unanimously voted [...]

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2009年5月2日 星期六 上午6:43

We received the good news from Ladrang Liaison Su Ming that there would be a statue party on 15 March [...]

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2009年5月2日 星期六 上午6:39

请大家仔细看图片,了解一个手提包是如何完成的… 请大家将此讯息发送给更多的人。

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2009年5月2日 星期六 上午6:34


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Message from H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche: Two new Apprentice Liaisons sworn in

2009年5月2日 星期六 上午6:33

Liaisons are people who have dedicated the rest of their lives to work very closely with me within their individual [...]

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TWO MORE JOIN THE LIAISONS! Bill Keith and May Woo join the Liaisons Council as Apprentice Liaisons

2009年5月2日 星期六 上午6:27

20 March marked another milestone for the Liaisons Council as two new Apprentice Liaisons, Bill Keith and May Woo swore [...]

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19th Setrap Retreat at Kechara Southern Jewel Chapel (KSJC) in Johor

2009年5月2日 星期六 上午6:23

Great news from KSJC – a group of nine attended the 19th Setrap Retreat at KSJC and chanted 1007 malas [...]

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2009年5月2日 星期六 上午6:19

This year’s Ching Ming Setrap Puja was held on Saturday, 21st March with two sessions catering for the English and [...]

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New Kechara House Working Committee members

2009年5月2日 星期六 上午6:09

With effect from 21st Mar 2009, Elaine Cheah has joined KH Working Committee as Event Writer and KH contact for [...]

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Connecting to the Enlightened mind: Taking refuge and the 8 precepts on Wesak Day

2009年5月2日 星期六 上午6:07

We will be requesting H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche to grant Refuge for those wishing to take this commitment.

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2009年5月2日 星期六 上午5:59


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2009年5月2日 星期六 上午5:52


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2009年5月2日 星期六 上午5:41


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2009 年卫塞节义卖会

2009年5月2日 星期六 上午3:19


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2009年5月2日 星期六 上午2:33


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2009年4月30日 星期四 下午9:46


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