New Icon: Tsongkhapa and Legend of the Conch Shell

2009年12月5日 星期六 上午12:31 评论关闭

Making Tsongkhapa an icon for readers all over this region is this month’s issue of New Icon for Him magazine! Featuring a summary of the seven major scenes of the play, the article also features interviews with some of the production team of Legend of the Conch Shell.

The play’s producer and coordinator Kok Yek Yee is keen to note that although the play is in Chinese, there are English subtitles to make Lama Tsongkhapa’s lifestory accessible to everyone…and even if you don’t understand Chinese or English, you should still go and watch it because Lee Swee Keong, the play’s lead dancer and a famous butoh performer, has promised to dance in a way that allows the audience to understand the story anyway!

The dancing is actually a key component for creating atmosphere throughout the play, according to Woon Fook Sen, Legend of the Conch Shell‘s director who says that in terms of set design, the whole set will actually be bare! With clever use of lighting however, and with the dancers’ expertise, he assures us that the audience will still feel the full impact of Tsongkhapa’s great deeds.

Kechara’s two famous fashion designers, Bill Keith and Eric Choong, are also interviewed. Bill says he drew inspiration from Thailand, Bali and China for his costume designs whilst Eric, in charge of the play’s promotion, notes that the play is a charity performance, with proceeds going to the manifestation of Tsem Kachö Ling, Kechara’s upcoming retreat centre.

Click the images below to read the article for yourself! Please note that as the images are quite large (to ensure that the text remains legible), it may take a little longer than usual to load.

To find out more details about the venue and showings of the play, check out the official website for Legend of the Conch Shell stage play (

For ticket enquiries, please contact June Kang at +6012 639 8815.

For more information on the Tsongkhapa Play, please contact the coordinator of the play, Associate Liaison Kok Yek Yee at +6012 388 3390 or [email protected].