Legend of the Conch Shell: Reaching Out to All Buddhists

2009年12月6日 星期天 上午3:44 评论关闭

The Buddhist Channel, a global news platform providing non-sectarian news and features on Buddhism and read by millions of Buddhists the world over, have reported on Legend of the Conch Shell!

Deeming it “a new theatrical production [which] introduces the extraordinary life of a historical saint”, the article then goes on to give a short introduction to the background of the play and the lifestory of Lama Tsongkhapa. It also urges you to go and watch this “innovative and unique production” which brings to “audiences an extraordinary story imbued with history and spiritual abundance in a classical setting.”

Check out the article for yourself by clicking the image below! Please note that as the images are quite large (to ensure that the text remains legible), it may take a little longer than usual to load.

To find out more details about the venue and showings of the play, check out the official website for Legend of the Conch Shell stage play (http://www.kechara.com/archive/legendoftheconchshell).

For ticket enquiries, please contact June Kang at +6012 639 8815.

For more information on the Tsongkhapa Play, please contact the coordinator of the play, Associate Liaison Kok Yek Yee at +6012 388 3390 or yekyee.kok@kechara.com.