Before Dzambala, Comes Refuge

2010年4月22日 星期四 上午6:56 评论关闭

Refuge with the Three Jewels is something that we should not take likely. It is not the outer ceremony that constitutes the refuge but what we do afterwards on a daily basis that determines whether we have truly taken refuge.

Kechara House (KH) always ensures that people who have requested for refuge under our Spiritual Guide, His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, understand the true essence of refuge. For the benefit of approximately 70 refuge seekers, Liaison Ngeow Voon Chin (Director of the KH Education Department) gave a talk on the importance and meaning of taking refuge. Quoting the Lamrim, he taught that there are four basic benefits of refuge:

  • One becomes a true Buddhist
  • One becomes a candidate of all the vows
  • One is held back from falling to the lower realms
  • One purifies the negative karma accumulated from the past and will be able to purify the ones that will occur in future

As is understood, that is provided we hold at least the 10 refuge vows. Mr Ngeow said that by taking refuge vows and practising dharma as the Guru teaches, we will be able to see our mind transform, eventually revealing the true Buddhanature in us

A refuge ceremony will be held in conjunction with the Dzambala retreat scheduled to begin on 23 April 2010 ( All refuge takers are advised to prepare a gift to officially request for refuge from Rinpoche. To arrange for the gift (preferably of Body, Speech and Mind), you can visit any Kechara Paradise outlet ( where staff will be able to advise you on the appropriate gift…remember that it is enlightenment you are trying to get, therefore that in itself is priceless!

If you have any questions, please feel to contact the Kechara House Administrator Lim Tat Ming at +603 780 33908.