A letter from Rinpoche: Introducing…. The Ladybirds! Do see the pics and guess who they are before you continue reading

2009年5月10日 星期天 上午7:06 评论关闭

Dear members and friends,

Kechara House has such a wide variety of people from so many different backgrounds and countries, from all age groups, cultures and upbringings. This is what makes the KH centre so incredibly interesting, alive, fun, diverse yet deeply spiritual. We want to be spiritual yet enjoy our lives.

KH has 11 departments and a Central Fundraising Committee (Margaret Lee and Sio Chen were the main organizers for tonite’s event with Bonita, Maple and Julia in active discussions). The CFC has organized a successful karaoke session which is happening even as I type this. One of the star attractions was the performance of our very own ‘The Ladybirds’ which consists of Malaysia’s top designer of the year, Mr Eric Choong, Outlet and Kechara Saraswati Arts Liasion Chia Song Peng, and Kechara Media and Publication’s JJ Chong and David Lai. Makeup, wigs and costumes were all creatively and lovingly done by our own KH member Eric Choong!!!

And if that is not enough…did you know that Tina Turner was in KH’s Karaoke fundraising??… After the spectacular performance by the Ladybirds, we had our VERY OWN TINA TURNER aka Liaison Tan Sio Chiann!!!!!! Fantastic… Sio Chiann looked so good and ‘sang’ so well, Tina Turner herself would have been envious. Our Sio Chian is sporty, fun, full of jokes, generous and deeply spiritual. She was the successful President of KH during her two year term!! We adore her.

I am very proud to show you these five pictures that have just been MMS-ed to me by Liaison Paul Yap. It is literally hot off the phone and directly to you.

KMP department has filmed this successful event and it will be on our websites and YouTube very soon. Please look for it.

I am deeply proud of the CFC, participants, and all who have supported this event for our wonderful Kechara House, a place to transform our mindstream to Lama Tsongkapa’s holy teachings, practice and path. I truly love, respect, and feel proud to be associated with the members of KH. We have so many wonderful, spectacular, talented, open and VERY INTERESTING people. I thank them from my heart as we work, learn, share and journey on Lord Buddha’s path together. We are a family. A spiritual family.

I am deeply honoured, priviledged and blessed to be able to have a home in beautiful Malaysia with so many Malaysian friends. Malaysians are so generous and kind in general and to me. Also many friends from other countries that join me here in peaceful Malaysia.

Tsem Tulku
Kechara House Spiritual Advisor

Letters and thoughts from other members and friends

Following Rinpoche’s letter, which was shared with everyone by email, we received many replies from members and friends who had plenty of laughs from being at the event and seeing the photos. Here are a few:

From Julia Tan


The party was very, very fun. “The ladybirds” were very, very cute and funny. “Tina” was fantastic. The one touched me the most was Tina Turner by Tan Sio Chian. It’s really not easy for her. She put down all her reputation as a business woman. She let go all her ego. She will just do anything for the simple reason that it is for Ladrang. With her age and her background, surrounded by many people that she didn’t know, she still did it. I’m so proud of her.

Well, the Ladybirds are cute and funny. especially Eric, he’s so pro with all this and he’s got such a cheeky look. Oh dear. Next up was Chia, who really surprised me. He’s different from Eric. He’s so cute and sweet, with his innocent look. He really can dance! David and JJ were a bit shy but, I must say, they really have the talent.

Next was Sharon’s birthday. Through her skilful way of playing her personal video with personal messages from her friends, she introduced Rinpoche to the guests indirectly.

The whole event was really fun and entertaining. It wasn’t just a fund raising event but we sent out message to the guests who came that we are spiritual but know how to party too. We should have more parties like this and it must be a bigger one next time so that we can have more guests!

Much love and prayers


p.s. I’m very, very proud to be in this team.

From Victor Chin

Quite funny pictures…. A lot of happiness in your Kechara House. Keep it up. Take care and keep in touch. I wish everyone there a lot of happiness and long live Rinpoche to turn the wheel of Dharma