Mantra Rolling Challenge and more!!!

2009年8月27日 星期四 上午1:34 评论关闭

Volunteer with us, let’s roll mantras!
Each person who completes 4 boxes of mantras is entitled to choose one of these unique statues & Dharma practice item for themselves! Each items has been consecrated by H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche… come collect your mantras today!

12in Tara statues
With hand-painted gold face and turquoise offerings
With hand-painted gold face and turquoise, coral and pearl offerings
Suggested minimum donation: RM5,000

Clear crystal mala with green jade divider
Consecrated and blessed
Suggested minimum donation: RM8,888

14in Lama Tsongkhapa and disciples
Hand-crafted copper statue, partly gold-plated
Suggested minimum donation: RM30,888

** Offers valid while supplies are available