Show me the money!

2009年5月10日 星期天 上午8:08 评论关闭

A series of fantastic articles about the benefits of wealth vases in Malaysian Chinese publications (arranged by KMP’s Chinese chief editor Yek Yee) saw overwhelming response from people who came from far as Johor to visit our outlets and enquire more about wealth vases.

In response to the many enquiries we received from the article, the Kechara outlets organised a wealth vase afternoon on Saturday to which many interested customers were invited. KSA’s head James Long and Kechara outlets marketing executive Anna Tan gave a comprehensive presentation about wealth vases and Dharma, and answered many questions. They even arranged an interactive quiz session, where guests had the opportunity to test their knowledge, win prizes and have a good laugh!

After the presentation, everyone had the chance to talk over tea and find out more about Dzambala and wealth vases. Many also had the opportunity to invite home a wealth vase, and they were quickly snapped up – how wonderful that many more people are being connected to Dzambala and that we had the opportunity to share Dharma with people from all over the country!