The 1st Buddha Tailoring Class With An Expert

2009年5月2日 星期六 下午12:31 评论关闭

Flown in especially all the way from Nepal and sponsored by Kechara outlets. KSA sewing department had an exclusive crash course on sewing Tibetan traditional deity clothes with Raj Kumar.

Day 1-The first lessons

How to start drawing

We had was to learn how to make a correct and beautiful Lama Tsongkhapa hat. Raj also showed us the tricks on cutting brocade without fraying it, how to select the best areas of brocade fabric to cut. He also showed us how to measure correctly when making a Tsongkhapa hat. We had our head Eric Choong and senior sewing mistress Pat absorbing as much as they can from this sewing guru. Other serious volunteers include Elaine, Sofia and Maggie observing intensely. All were amazed by Raj’s skill and quality in his workmanship as he showed the secret behind making the perfect Lama Tsongkhapa hat. “His skill is likened to a top international designer”, says Eric Choong. The class started at 8pm and ended at 12midnight.

Sharing Secrets

See good right!

Cutting the fabric for Tsongkhapas hat


Can you spot the difference between last seasons design

Do you see now?

Day 2 – Started at 2pm

… and ended at 7pm, we learnt how to make tule (tops for deities), pangden (bottom like skirt), and Korpen (Tsongkhapa coat). It was a full house in KSA on a Sunny Sunday afternoon. We had Kechara InMotion (KIM) film crew shooting Eric and Paris for their Dharma real T.V. episodes and Eric even got his mother and sister to come and roll some mantras.  It was a fun filled day with much knowledge imparted to our devoted volunteers and what a great privilege we all had to learn from one of the best Nepalese tailor!

First choose the flower you want

Is it too close?

Cutting backing for Pangden

And it goes here...

Quite good really

Everyone happy... Tsongkhapa happy got clothes...

Pats hat is good A++

Cheese! End of Class.