Singing energy: Another Exciting Kechara Outlet Promotion!

2009年5月8日 星期五 下午11:41 评论关闭

Begin a journey of awakening and well being with our Tibetan singing bowls, where 20% will be offered for all bowls at our four Dharma stores.

Singing bowls, comprising seven different metals, bring wonderful, soothing, “singing” energies that will recharge your home and fill it with positive, relaxing vibes. All our singing bowls include mantras carved in or outside the bowl so that holy prayers and extremely good energy reverberate throughout the environment every time you ring the bowl.

Placing singing bowls on your altar also make excellent offerings of sound to the Three Jewels; they make the perfect gift from the Himalayas for friends and family; and they invite a warm sense of well being and peace into your own surroundings.

Visit our outlets now to experience the beautiful energies of the singing bowl for yourself! For more information, visit