Penang Road Show 3rd – 4th January 2009

2009年5月19日 星期二 上午5:44 评论关闭

Kechara Goes North!

On January 3-4th, Kechara Outlets held an exhibition and sale of Tibetan arts and crafts at the Caring Society in Penang. Bill Keith, Kechara Committee member and Creative Director for CFC, took time out from his busy schedule to come up too, and with the help from many hardworking Kechara outlets staff and volunteers, transformed a rather simple hall into Kechara paradise!

With awareness raised from a full page ad in a local Chinese daily and billboards at prominent positions around Penang, a steady stream of curious visitors came to marvel at Kechara’s range of exquisite items. Kechara Outlets kindly also invited KMP to participate and KMP had a table with DVDs, books and Audio CDs on offer. Many could not resist taking home something from the exhibition – from a wealth vase from the outlets to a KMP DVD to a KSA painted statue. The exhibition focused on protection and wealth, with chakras and wealth vases being the magnet to draw people into Dharma.

At the end of a very successful two days, just as we were packing up, Kechara members and three very fortunate visitors received a fabulous surprise. Rinpoche came and congratulated everyone on a successful event. He said he was very happy with this initiative by Kechara outlets and the hardworking outlets staff. Rinpoche then left after presenting all the volunteers with a khata.

Fresh from the success of this event, Kechara outlets are already considering holding more roadshows in other states in Malaysia. So watch this space!

White tara

Beautiful Tsongkhapa altar with thangkas from our outlets

Singing bowls, mandala sets, stupas and prayer wheels

Our latest Tsongkhapa Comic takes pride of place amongst Rinpoche’s teachings on Kechara Media & Publications’ table

Kechara volunteers Patsy Gooi, May Woo, Bill Keith and James Long

Kechara members having a casual sharing with visitors

Our sacred wealth vases creatively displayed

Ruby Khong and Bill Keith

A group photo with Rinpoche to mark this auspicious weekend