Kechara Wealth Vases: As featured in The Book of Tibetan Medicine

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Wealth vases from Kechara Paradise!

Kechara Wealth Vases: As featured in The Book of Tibetan Medicine

Wealth vases are extremely powerful in attracting energies of wealth and increase. They eliminate obstacles to material gain and prosperity so that we may focus on our practice of inner transformation and attainments. We recently came across a feature on Kechara’s wealth vases in The Book of Tibetan Medicine by Ralph Quinlan Forde.

Below is an excerpt from the book:

“Padmasambhava gave special secret instructions for the creation of treasure vases (terbum) to help the practitioners of Dharma. There are two types of treasure vases: wealth vases and earth vases.

Wealth vases are created with many precious things, such as crystals, jewels, mandala pictures of wealth deities, mantras and special pills. Having such vases in the home is said to bring good fortune, prosperity (both material and spiritual) and good relationship with people.

Earth vases, when blessed and activated, can affect the environment for 24km (15miles) around, and are normally buried in the ground to restore the earth’s life force. They are prepared with conch shells, turquoises, crystals, cowrie shells and iron pyrite, and they impart life essence to gods, humans, nagas, dakinis (female deities) and local protectors, and to the Dharma practitioners in the area.

Earth vases are also said to restore the 5 elements of the environment, from which all things are composed, and to impart healing to nagas for the pain and suffering caused by pollution. Earth vases generate good health, long life, plentiful harvests, environmental protection and peace.

Authentic treasure vases are sealed and consecrated in a seven-day ceremony with prayers by many monks and high lamas. The vases must not be touched directly by hand, and should be placed in a display case on a shrine in the home. The seal must never be broken. In the past vases – particularly earth vases – were made by great masters who had the power to stop war, famine and disease. Today, treasure vases can be purchased from Tsem Tulku Monastery in Malaysia, while earth vases can be bought from the Ewam Choden Tibetan Buddhist Center in California.”

The Chinese edition of the book

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The highlight on wealth vases: "Only available at Tsem Tulku Monastery!"(page 63)