Dzambala Takes 1Utama by Storm

2009年5月8日 星期五 下午9:46 评论关闭

Over the weekend, Dzambala Mystical Treasures held a special promotional booth at 1Utama Shopping Centre, to raise awareness of the store and introduce their unusual Himalayan artefacts to local Malaysia shoppers. Kechara Saraswati Arts were also on hand to give live painting demonstrations to passersby, introducing a new and unique artistic tradition to the lively shopping and cultural scene of our malls.

Also, a beautifully designed advertisement about DMT was up in China Press, one of Malaysia’s largest Chinese newspapers. Crowds flocked to the store following this advertisement and we had the chance to meet many new faces. Our Chinese members were specially on standby to meet and talk to all these new people.

The bazaar itself was a huge success, and many people invited home statues, chakras, incense, dzi stones, malas and key chains, bringing back with them a little something special from the ancient Himalayas.