Bring Buddha Home: Kechara Outlet Promotion

2009年5月8日 星期五 下午9:14 评论关闭

Kechara outlets are having a special promotion throughout August, where we’ll be offering up to 30% off on all statues and thangkas. This is a fantastic opportunity to invite home that Buddha statue that you’ve always had your eye on. The outlets carry very unique, hand-crafted statues from Nepal, India, Indonesia and China, and fantastically intricate thangkas from Nepal. There’s a Buddha there for everyone!

The most beautiful pieces are being snapped up real quick. Friends from as far as England are even ringing in to place their orders, so head to the outlets as soon as you can to invite home your very own special Buddha.

Inviting a Buddha into your home is highly meritorious and brings immense waves of blessings to yourself, your family and the environment. Buddha images also serve as wonderful objects of focus for our prayers, daily sadhanas, offerings and visualisations. And of course, they make extremely beautiful centre pieces for your home.

Drop by the outlets soon this month to see the Buddhas. Or for more information, visit