Ang Pows and Abba at a Kechara Outlets Night Out

2009年5月2日 星期六 上午9:30 评论关闭

I didn't know May could sing well

Dear all,

It was an enjoyable night for all of us, outlet staff and volunteers present at Red Box Plus in Pavilion on Monday 19th January 2009. Although it was the 1st time for me but it was a memorable and fun outlet outing. Not only did we get to sing all night but a buffet dinner was also included and not forgetting bottomless red wine and soft drinks!

The recent Mamma Mia concert mania has made most of us in the mood for their melodious retro songs which resulted in almost everyone singing and dancing to ABBA songs. Although there were only 3 microphones available to the 16 of us, that didn’t stop those without them to sing as loud as those that were holding the microphones.

In the event of Ruby and Justin’s birthday last week, we decided to surprise them with a birthday cake. And of course they were surprised and happy when the cake was brought in. This is wishing them again Happy Belated Birthday and may all dreams come true from all of us.

As everyone was singing and laughing after their cake consumption, Henry suddenly stood up and said ‘I have an announcement to make!’ Lights were turned on and music was put on halt. It is bonus time! Volunteers were presented with a Yang Dzay Rilbu and a red packet each. Staff were also given a red packet each as bonus.

Even though some of them were tired from their trip back from Malacca road show (by the way, we did well!) but that did not stop them from enjoying the night that lasted till 2 plus in the morning.

I would again like to say thank you to all that were present for making an effort to show up with high spirits and I hope that they enjoyed it as well and as much that I did.

Pamela Yap
Kechara Paradise

Ang Pow time

Mamma Mia Mania

Suzan and Justin

Tired but still enjoying