An outlet visit with the Datins

2009年5月10日 星期天 下午8:49 评论关闭

After a lunch in the happening suburb of Bangsar Baru, our fun, spontaneous Liaisons, Ruby Khong and Datin Ng invited friends Datin Seri Wendy Ong, Datin Catherine Lai and Sylvia Kam to visit Kechara Mystical Treasures just down the road.

The ladies were totally excited to visit the store and were amazed to discover that there was such a store in KL! Ruby gave everyone a tour of the store and showed Datin Seri the singing bowls, our special herbal incense from Nepal and our jewellery, which is sourced from all over Asia.

Datin Catherine was very interested in Rinpoche’s teachings and bought loads of DVDs and books; Sylvia’s husband is an avid thangka collector (although they are Christians!) so she will be bringing him back to see the store again.

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