A Setrap Month on kechara.com

2009年5月8日 星期五 下午9:11 评论关闭

In line with our large Setrap puja for the Chinese seventh month prayers, kechara.com is offering a promotion on all Setrap images this month.

As a very powerful Dharma protector, and emanation of Amitabha Buddha, Dharmapala Setrap’s practice is incredibly efficacious for protection and clearance of obstacles. Having an image of him close to us or in our homes bestows immense blessings and protection around us and our surroundings. Of course, dedicating the merits of our Setrap practice to all beings during the Seventh Month is also highly meritorious and can bring much relief and blessings to them.

Check out the many beautiful Setrap images we have on offer at kechara.com and invite one home for great protection this Seventh Month.