Part 1: Transforming our minds – what should increase and decrease

2010年1月13日 星期三 下午9:21 评论关闭

If  you learn Dharma and you are very lazy, you know – you move lazily and you have this kind of dull way about you or you’re always dropping things or always unaware, then people will look at you and think “Oh, if I do dharma, then will I be like that”. Why would people think that? Because you have used dharma as your label – I take refuge, I’m a Buddhist. So if you use that label, you have to behave according to that label. Similarly, if your body is very rough, you always show rough actions, slam, break things then people will think “oh, dharma is like that, people who are spiritual are like that. Why do I need to practice? They’re worse than me, worse”.

So when your friends have trouble, your friends have difficulties, your friends need you, your family, your loved ones need you, you cannot help them because they won’t listen to your advice. Why? You’ve lost their respect for you. Why? Because they have observed your body and your speech, and your mind and they are not impressed.

Once you take refuge in dharma and you learn the dharma for more than 1 year – you should see a transformation in your mind. What kind of transformation? Increase in tolerance, increase in patience, increase in the wish to help others. If not to benefit others without a motive – benefit others with a motive but at least, benefit them. We should have that wish, we should generate and increase good habits. Habits of our mind such as irresponsibility or laziness or hiding from the truth or hiding our ego– those are habits everybody has. But when we’re in dharma, those qualities of our mind should decrease

If our bad habits decrease that means :
a) we have become a true Buddhist, and therefore we do not need to fear death and our next life. The only way not to have fear of death and next life is to become a true Buddhist. True Buddhists control their minds and  transform their minds after 1 year. Then we will have no fear of death and next life, none. That’s the whole point of taking refuge. It is to save you from the 3 lower realms.

b) The people we love and the people we meet and the people who know us will be equally affected and will go, “Oh, they have transformed like that. Dharma is good, I will practice.” Even if they don’t practice they will support. So, even when we transform our minds, we’ll have people’s emotional support and love and care and patience. Why? Because our minds have transformed and people close to us will notice.

Tsem Tulku