Kitty Appeal!

2009年11月8日 星期天 下午7:50 评论关闭


Let me introduce myself! I am Henna! My foster parents call me precious and sweet, and I really love attention. I can sit on mummy’s lap for hours and I love being scratched and tickled. Yes I do nibble back, but I promise not to nibble too hard!

This is my little brother! We love playing and sleeping together, but he bites a little bit harder than me. Mum says that we are still babies, so we need a lot of sleep to grow big and strong.

And this is my other brother, Jacko. He loves singing and isn’t sure if he is black or white… but anyway, he sings all the time! He sings when he walks, when he eats and when he sleeps… he wakes us up with all of his singing, but we don’t mind because we love Jacko. He always lets us know where he is in the house… we just need to listen to his singing!

My little sister looks a little like Jacko but does not sing that loud. She is the smallest of us all so mummy says it’s good to let her eat first, so that she can grow big and strong too. We all take care of her because she is little.

This is Marmalade; he looks like us all… black, ginger and white. He is very brave and he loves mummy very much. He is sneaky and always gets the best spot on mummy’s lap first, so sometimes we bite him so he lets us take turns sitting with mummy! Mummy says he is very smart but a bit cheeky – when Jacko starts singing, Marmalade likes to bite him. He sometimes teases Jacko and calls him Whacko… which makes Jacko sing even louder!

So this is my little family! Aren’t we so cute??? That’s why I’m not sure why my first owners left us in Bukit Bintang last week. We didn’t know what was going on – they were nice people and gave us a lot of human love, and a warm house… and then suddenly, they didn’t want us anymore! When we were left out, we were all scared… it was so dark and there were many cars around us!

Lucky that some nice humans rescued us and took us home. They gave us a warm house and some fishy food… but our foster mummy and daddy can’t keep us because they already have kitties of their own.They’ve promised to help us find new mummies and daddies.

The doctor says that we are strong and healthy, and next week we are all going back for some more injections, so we become even stronger! The injections are really painful though, and it makes Jacko sing even louder… but after we all laugh at him, we don’t feel the pain anymore!

So if you are reading this message, on behalf of all my little sisters and brothers, please help us to find new homes. We promise to be good and give you lots of love and purrs and yes, lots of singing (from Jacko). Mummy says that we must be brave and we may all find different homes, but that’s okay because I know that you will love my sisters and brothers as much as I do.

Please tell all your friends about us! But only your nice friends please, because we’ve already been through enough in our short lives so far.

If you can offer us a nice home, please call Uncle Wai Meng – his phone number is +6012 215 0968.

Purrs and meows from all of us!